Lifting Puerto Rico Youth Project

Hello everyone, Rosa Morales, her Students, and Cleveland Fresh family traveled to Puerto Rico on March 27th, 2021, to continue the efforts of the Lifting Puerto Rico Youth Project; since 2017, Cleveland's youth have been traveling to Puerto Rico to help with rebuilding and donations. With eight students alongside them, they distributed donations, helped in re-building playgrounds, recreating safe spaces for youth in orphanages, and donated sports equipment As well. This fundraiser will benefit these places and impact two schools, two orphanages, one recreation center, and one senior center, as well as fund projects in the future. 

To make ALL the projects possible, we need your help. We have set up this awesome merchandise collection to help the fundraising efforts.

We want to create mobile gardens, repair some structures, paint playgrounds and classrooms, build a new and safe playground, donate sports equipment, learn activities, items for seniors, and so much more.

It does take a commUNITY!